HALO will Reinvent 


Our hand hygiene is outdated.

The CDC's handwashing recommendations must be updated to properly fight a pandemic [1].

HALO will safely inactivate germs on your hands in seconds without water, chemicals, or waste; just light [2].


Ultraviolet Light has a Stigma

Ultraviolet light is on a wide spectrum; ranging from sun-tanning UV-A, sunburning UV-B, and germicidal UV-C.

We are engineering a way to retain the germ-killing qualities of light, while minimizing any chances of skin or eye damage.

HALO will emit specialized UV-C light in doses too weak to penetrate human skin, but energetic enough to sterilize pathogens.

We are making

Skin-Safe Germicidal Light

the new normal.

The layer of dead skin that surrounds our body provides a strong natural shield to certain wavelengths of UV-C light.

HALO's germ-killing light will lose over 99% of its power in the stratum corneum before it contacts any living cells on the average human hand.

We Create 

New Routines

Handwashing has been unchanged for 150 years.

We embrace photochemistry & biomechanics to bring you the newest human behavior; washing with light.

And here are the results.

Our trials demonstrate HALO removing up to 20x more germs than CDC Handwashing [2].

Light-based disinfection is an urgent, public need.


The Future is Light

The pandemic is a crisis of unspeakable loss.

Our current handwashing tactics have not been updated in over 100 years.

When we designed HALO in 2019, we could never have imagined the impending urgency for fast, reliable means of disinfection.

Access to germicidal light needs to be a public utility & human right.


Benefits of HALO

Clean at Light Speed.

HALO will disinfect at the speed of light.

It takes longer to read this sentence in your head than it will take for HALO's patent-pending five-second germicidal light to sterilize.

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Make HALO a public utility.


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